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Blushed Romance and Foreign Lip-Lock

We sail smooth runners iced and swelled, in teas of black with Chinese talk-talk.   Lay your hands on me, such smoothness tickles; my fuzz and temptations – you feel.   It’s our room on Boulevard Saint-Germain where hush-hush is our … Continue reading

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This Land of Which We Speak

Yeah I am gonna like this one because it’s full of beat and rhythm no matter how or why – as the man said to me earlier today “there are plenty downtown, go there” and wondered what he meant and … Continue reading

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Tomorrow and Next Week is Too Late

It is the point of no return, it is the flavor of
urchin and girls. They are not exclusive to sensual touch,
they have so much wind with some gingered release. Continue reading

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Throwing Pitch Across The Water

Wave upon lap and slow-downed flavors – reminder
of trees out west, plants above a knee; sniff and snuff;
browned nose. Continue reading

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Watery Eyes So Clearly Focused

Oh gosh my head is swaying and feeling the sentiments, goshing the corners of my mouth; throwing back breathless moments. The sentiments abundant of life full of moments and watery eyes so clearly focused; there you are, there you are, … Continue reading

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