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Sweet Addiction Mistress

Golden wings, sweet tongue flying.   Sugar girls, film noir. Toes touch necks, scratching grind  – rhythms not sane.   Polished bright for all. Come one, come all. Tent of covers.   Spot in corner. Sweet addiction mistress.     Grab … Continue reading

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Fresh Peppered Loin

Blackback stares, shares secret beats with rouge-bright skins, a patter of later tomorrows, future rounds of bouts – beating hands – airstream shapes, thinking mercy, give us beat, ignite our cores – loosened lips, sweet smell of mold – lay back dreamer. … Continue reading

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Blue For Me and Black in Spades

Blue for me and black in spades.   One up and down with running totals – marked in blue and black for  you.   Blue of me who counts my cards and wilds imagination – blueways.   Black in prairie … Continue reading

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Leviticus ’65

I chose deep coma puffs for months; hoping for a big bang difference, but saw more of the same, those political chants and the binge melody; spread my head from ear to nose, and dripped to a kneeling pose that hurt the knees; that he created. Continue reading

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