Barry Comer

born, September 23, 1954
city, Louisville
state, Kentucky

A long history in the arts, Barry Comer was known as a sculptor and fine artist in the 70’s, and more of a commercial artist in the 80’s until now.

He has followed a long tradition of “personal explorers”, seeking to understand the world.
After living in Israel and volunteering for military service, he left abruptly and returned to the United States.

His travels include a yearly pilgrimage to France, finding like-minded individuals who breathe life for the sake of life. He admires the poet Jacques Prevert for the simplicity and truth of word.
Further, his poems and writing reflect a rhythm sewn from patches of the American experience.

Mr. Comer’s perspectives question the basic principals that are held true. His views of the mystic and of social equality define him emotionally and profoundly.

5 Responses to About

  1. Bill Ectric says:

    Hey, we were both born in 1954.

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  3. françoise says:

    I love Jacques Prévert’s poetry!

  4. Claudio says:

    Hi Barry

    I just read your comment on my blog. Congrats on your article about albinism in Uganda. It was a pleasure to translate.


  5. Lael Folds says:

    alibinisim is a genetic anomally, of course there are no cures for it.”

    See the newest blog post at our web site

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