Winsor and Newton (windsorous newtonium)









Winsor & Newton (windsorous newtonium)

Left to dream, forgotten in grass; the snail and pebbles listen.
Dirt clump shoes with rough traveled heels.


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14 Responses to Winsor and Newton (windsorous newtonium)

  1. Aline says:

    Bravo !!!!

  2. For some strange reason, every now and then, I stop receiving notifications of blog posts and then discover that it’s because WordPress has some how knocked out my folllow of that blog. Yours is the second one for this to happen to in the last couple of weeks. 😦

  3. Barry Comer says:

    I started Thoughts/Rhythms about 6 years ago after being “transitioned” from a long-term job. It was liberating and insightful. Sadly, have not contributed to it lately, but do use it to accompany some of my illustrations.

  4. Ah, beautiful-text and illo!

  5. I see leaves of grass. And you know we watercolorists are going to “like” – love! – this. Love!

  6. Jay says:

    Very nice.

  7. ….you certainly have style, Mr. Comer. Those children are very fortunate you’re their guiding hand.

    • Barry Comer says:

      Thank you so much. People keep commenting on Thoughts and Rhythms which is not perfect. I don’t contribute to this blog much anymore and am making my full-time.

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