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Shadows Paint the Walls

My home is warm where skin blisters a fragrant smell.   But my home is warm and I survive.   Someone is always telling me to leave, but home is where I find my blanket.   It is me.   Call it sane mayhem, or … Continue reading

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Blue For Me and Black in Spades

Blue for me and black in spades.   One up and down with running totals – marked in blue and black for  you.   Blue of me who counts my cards and wilds imagination – blueways.   Black in prairie … Continue reading

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Hey Girl – Sweet Dirty Bitcher!

Hey big girl – lets play it fast with little start-up and pedal push.   Beat the toms – let’s drum the dark and fit the lock and storm the pool.   Oh big girl – slinky longest.   You not … Continue reading

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Tame My Monkey for Smokes of Hot and Fetching Breath

Dizzy rates high and lists of bars lowered.   Tame my monkey for smokes of hot and   fetching breath.   Soon darling soon.   Polish to gleam   and inspect  your hole.     Your encase and clinks to ground excite my ears. … Continue reading

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Bellow the Bloat and Waste the Lamb

We stand outside and bathe – in starlight and glow, of histories in context and roots.   Lives begun and deaths upon, stream showers of  eternal end and story.   Les lumières in canopy holding essence and finds – us who seeded the ground, that planted … Continue reading

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Once More for Making Sure

Release the heat and lick my soul with cleansing flames. Once consumed, I will be free of earth and space. Onward sentimentalities; give our embrace tonight – is certain. Turn the dial and etch the settings. Once more for making … Continue reading

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