Peckered Inch That Dangles for Nothing

Here we goes,

the trip begins

and in back,

so black

to the crowd,

someone yells –

“go baby go”.


Let’s put this machine

to the test and

grind it out with redline fire

and give it some all the way



We’ll insert the

Southern sounds.


Sure, a little monkey

meat and some all out



That’s how we get

some love and

holy man.


Lay some skin on me man.

Why you move so fast?


This place is high –

only separated by

others and another.


They will say “not worth it”,

and will answer mambos,

“you piece, me that”,

and to “that and that

and that”.


The wind still blows flat,

while it weaves me

cold and nothing but

nothing will slow

us down.


Our tests will pass she

grinds and grins

and will play pelvic

fun and nighttime



Why we move so beat?


Because it is monkey

rare and all out,

flat-out, but that’s how

we get some love –

to there.


Why we move so fast?

Because the time draws



It chases fast and

finds the slow, the peckered

inch that dangles

for nothing.



2012 Barry Comer









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