My Grump and Grind Act is Back to Feast

Back like baboons –

full of grumps to grinds;

my pleasures are theirs.

They obey my commands!

You guessed it old world,

my new world troubles.

The monkey house riots,

are back in town.

Here little monkey with

feed-song screech.

Claw my legs, all split and open.

Smooth girl, smooth.

Your lounge act screams

and glitter-up nostrils –

squeak toy breath

Tell us more lies.

Uh huh.

Late at last night,

the crowd smell does die –

given rumble up pleasures.

Observe no rules.

My grump and grind act

is back to feast.

Lounge act, lounge act, lounge act.

Monkey pit drinks spill even tonight.


2012 Barry Comer

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