Dancing Hands

This life perilous and tantalizing – angels

yawn fables of dreams.

Let me see a peek and show your side

of heaven.

Give rhythms and dance – just show me.

How rushed our time plays and how dreams are made, just

built in hours. Save me from myself, feel me ripe and


Our harvest.

Allow sights unseen and tease me dark. A glimpse of

sparkles high and light.

Give me rhythms and dance – just lead me.

Tear the shades and blind – touch and tear – beat my rhythm.

Go girl go.

Harnesses and clocks, kisses and spice – dancing hands.

Take me down with giggled sweat.

Your eyes see the dipper and the belt.

Your heaven is mine today, for the hours.

Show me more, peel back fold – whispers and whispers

and riddles.

Sweet afternoon, warm afternoon – breathe me


2012 Barry Comer


About Barry Comer

I volunteer as a design and communications consultant with Family Scholar House in Louisville, Kentucky, http://www.familyscholarhouse.org the Democratic Socialists of America http://www.dsausa.org and teach children with emotional and developmental disabilities. I have degrees in art and was an art director for 30 years.
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