Sleep Dreamer

Inhale my breath,

et touche mes rêves,

nighttime partner;

sleep dreamer.

Thread and bind my face;

draw my hands that glide on water.

Gentle ties of sleep, dream father.

Quiet swimmer,

our hands shape songs,

with shallow breaths.

A rhythm dream, that beats at night;

our lonesome dance.

2010 Barry Comer –

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2 Responses to Sleep Dreamer

  1. saradobie says:

    Lovely. Calming. And why does this somehow feel DARK? I like it.

  2. Adam Luebke says:

    To have a father is a very ‘real’, tangible event, and yet, when the earthly father is gone, what is left? That question can leave a human mind spinning in air without any feeling of ‘lift’. Drifting, wondering, what do we actually hold on to?

    This poem, I think, weaves what might be considered tangible, like the fact of having a father, and having specific memories of a father, yet drops what might be considered ‘solid’ by introducing a dreaming effect, of hands over water, of shallow breaths, fleeting, that come, again and again, but never ‘stick’…

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