A Godless Experience

I conjure the risk and live where I walk; what can you say?
You speak of the soul and your holy experience; well, whom have you tasted?

Where are the scars on your submissive hands; you never share.
You shoot imaginary blanks, and pierce the tendon; muscle of my heart.

Give back my time; and I’ll pretend we didn’t.

2010 Barry Comer


About Barry Comer

I volunteer as a design and communications consultant with Family Scholar House in Louisville, Kentucky, http://www.familyscholarhouse.org the Democratic Socialists of America http://www.dsausa.org and teach children with emotional and developmental disabilities. I have degrees in art and was an art director for 30 years.
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  1. dickieleroo says:

    Wonderful. And beneath this one is equally so.

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